Cube World Guide

Our Cube World Guide today features a description of the gameplay in detail, which helps you pass the levels and obtain the victory. Are you newbies, casual players, warriors? The guide is absolutely perfect for all of the guys.

So, let’s read on the Cube World guide to gain detailed and intriguing tricks. Keep reading!

Cube World Guide

About Cube World

The developer of the Cube World is Picroma. This game was published on Steam for Windows on September 20, 2019.

Cube World is a sandbox where you can find dozens of opponents, quests, bosses, raw material, pets, and various attractive stuff. This game with a center on exploration is not to attempt to limit players in any way possible.

It includes dungeons, vast dungeons, green areas, and castles in which you will find devilish monsters and NPCs. Alternatively, when you up high levels, the hero obtains experience scores that then need to be allocated to upgrade your character.

Cube World Guide

How to precisely explore

Make waypoints

The black-village, the red-shrines of life, the blue-intriguing location
The black-village, the red-shrines of life, the blue-intriguing location

First of all, you open the map, star sorts of the vital looking locations, zoom in all the way and begin panning around. When you see any outstanding structures, you locate one, start with middle-click (M3). Particularly, there are four things you need to seek, including villages, quests, shrines of life, and lore locations.

And once your map is starred up, jump into the action!


To explore new territories effectively
To explore new territories effectively

To explore new territories effectively, remember to gather every single thing you find and talk to all NPCs. Next, hit a village, grab any SoLs you see on the way. Then, come to the nearby intriguing locations so that the graphic for it pops up on your map, and complete the white missions. Then, get both gears to begin to the next level. Other color quests do the same way.

And now, you already have got a full set of five-star gear, hit the next area then!

Areas and you

Cube World Map

. Once you shift areas, all of the important items and gear you obtained in the previous place are gone. Until you’ve finished up the quests and gained armors in the location you’re in, it’s best to place in that area.

Wall scaling

A little tip in case you don’t have the climbing spike is that you can do a flip. This will help you with a bit of height. Go up to the wall and hang on to it with pressing E. Then, press Space to flip. After that, hold W and press E again as soon as it pops up at the bottom of your screen, then quickly press Space again. Repeat until you reach the top of your wall or cliff.

This trick is actually incredible, so take advantage of it before it gets patched out.

Dungeons and crafting

What is in a quest?

a quest with each graphic on the map

A quest with each graphic on the map totally vary. For example, Harmer corresponds to a book of crafting; Gnome comes with higher quality items to the village shop and more.

If you have completed all the color tasks but you have not gained to the next level yet, you can do the Sword quest until you get enough gold to pick up some functional armors from the shop. To do these quests, you may encounter a dungeon, sometimes. Enemies can appear, the deeper you go in, the stronger they get. Once you complete this quest, you will obtain an artifact.

Crafting helpful items

There are multitudes of items you can gather, and as we said before, just pick them all up. But we recommend you prioritize these stuff, including:

  • Heartflowers (ice flower in the tundra, cacti in the desert)
  • Flasks
  • Iron, plant fibers, wood, cotton
  • Emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, gold ores

Heartflowers and flasks are so crucial because they are used to create potions. Iron, plant fibers, wood, and cotton are needed to craft specific armors and weapons. Besides raw materials, you also need some gems to craft rare and precious items. You can collect emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and gold ores in caves, dungeons, or trade with a gem trader.

The class in-game

The warrior class