Notuger’s Armor Pack 1

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Notuger’s Armor Pack 1 is a cool pack of Cube World that brings many armors to the game for characters of all races. If you are looking for an all-in-one mod that is appropriate for you.

There are 8 skins that added from installing this mod. They include:

Notuger's Armor Pack 1
Notuger’s Armor Pack 1

Dwarf armor – bear head

Dwarf armor – wolf head

Human – Elf Armor Angel with Hood

Human – Elf Blue Armor with Front Horn without wings

Human – Elf Armor Mammoth

Human – Elf Black Armor without wings

Human – Elf Blue Armor with White Wings

Human – Elf Blue Armor with Dark Wings

Notuger’s Armor Pack 1 Mod Download Links

For Cube World: 1.0


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