CubeWorld for Android – APK Download

CubeWorld for Android – APK is based on the classical Jump and Run games as its primary subject. Your mission is super simple, to finish up the level, you just collect the whole color of Rubik’s Cube without running a certain distance. You can find these colors all over the level, and they are shaped like a block.


Plus, you also can gather coins and other blocks, which make you gain your scores as well. The more many points you get, the more possible you unlock new levels. What’s more, there are a lot of different achievements that can be finished to earn more points.

Some significant features of this CubeWord for Android includes fresh and eye-catching design, five levels, super easy to play, dozens of achievements to complete, and connected with GG Plays Games to compare your score with your rivals.


The CubeWorld for Android – APK requires your device that features 400MB free space, Android 2,1+the greater, multi-touch (tablet or phone), and APK Installer (of course, all tablets/phone have). This game version for Android offers the same environment, level-up, missions as well as characters as the PC.

It is a very perfect game for those who wish to seek pleasure and relax after hard-working, or just simply to kill time.

Easy to install, easy to play, what are you waiting for without downloading and enjoying CubeWorld for Android – APK right away!