Attack on Titan Mod 1.12.2 For Minecraft

Attack on Titan Mod 1.12.2 takes inspiration from the globally well-known anime/manga “Attack on Titan” or “Shingeki no Kyojin”. If you are a fan of that anime, you should not miss this mod for any reason.

Attack on Titan Mod 1.12.2
Attack on Titan Mod 1.12.2

In this mod, you can discover a new world full of fear and death in which your mining work may be obstructed by titans that are trying to turn you into their meal. Are you able to defeat them to protect your daily life? Will you find a shelter or join a battle with them? Let’s get started to craft iconic and powerful weapons, look for mysterious locations, as well as deal with the mysteries of those titans.

Quickly download Attack on Titan and try to be the winner in the fight with the titans.

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For Minecraft: 1.12.2
Developer: LyonMods