Ender Tweaker Mod 1.12.2

Ender Tweaker Mod 1.12.2 will add many different defiled biomes that appear in the world. Besides, it will introduce their set of special dangerous mobs, plants, and treasures.

Ender Tweaker
Ender Tweaker

Features of Ender Tweaker

New Biomes can convert the blocks inside them in a dynamic way. Additionally, they will comprise distinctive resources.

These are useful to create powerful tools. Furthermore, they can lead you to a fight against the boss. Try to defeat that monster to collect more unique items.

Access the wiki if you want to search for more information!


Defiled lands can spread. Nevertheless, they cannot do that more than about 3 blocks from their natural boundaries. You can change that via the config.

You can utilize those blocks for decoration once you are outside a natural corresponding biome.

It’s compatible with most other biome-adding mods, consisting of BOP.

Ender Tweaker mod brings changes for biomes, mobs, ores, and resources…Download and install Minecraft Forge to launch it!


Ender Tweaker Mod Download Links

For Minecraft Mod: 1.12.2
Developer: Shadows_of_Fire – Source: curseforge