Project Intelligence Mod 1.12.2

Project Intelligence Mod 1.12.2 or PI is a mod whose main aim is to generate a properly universal documentation release. It’s possible to do that by making use of the power of the Minecraft community.

Project Intelligence
Project Intelligence

How modders utilize Project Intelligence

Every mod developer can supplement documentation for their mod to PI. However, they don’t have enough time to implement their job. They need the help of modders.

They can launch the present product to solve that problem. Everybody in the community can contribute. These can write documentation for numerous mods by using the available editor. Next, they ought to submit their work via a pull request.

Some major features

Highly customizable User Interface: Users can save the custom presets.

JEI Integration: Recipes that JEI supports can appear in PI documentation.

Content Linking & “Explain This”: You can link items, blocks, and entities to the doc page.

Link documentation to Gui’s: The feature asks mods to assist it.

Language Localisation Support

Built-in Editor

Aid for various mod versions

Pack Doc: You can write a doc similar to the mod doc.

Project Intelligence is a mod about Map and Information. It requires Minecraft Forge.


Project Intelligence Mod Download Links

For Minecraft Mod: 1.12.2
Developer: Buuz135 – Source: curseforge