AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.7.10 For Minecraft

AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.7.10 is a mod for Minecraft that attract many players and the faithful of this game. Avid players make an effort to enhance their Minecraft sensation. When they realize the existence of AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod, they instantly downloaded and experienced Minecraft with AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod.

AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod is one of the Miscellaneous Categories alongside Energy, Fluid, and Item Transport, Player Transport, Storage, Farming in Minecraft Mod, and creates on Mar 13, 2020. This mod is designed and developed by MennoMax.

AstikorCarts by MennoMax
This mod is open source and licensed under the MIT license.

AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod 1.16.5/1.14.4/1.12.2
AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.7.10

All carts can be attached and detached by pressing R once while riding an entity with a cart nearby. This hotkey can be changed in the controls. Simply look for “Action Key”.
If the cart is going too fast, try toggling the slow mode by pressing sprint once while riding. This speed can be changed within the mods settings, but changing it will require a Minecraft restart to take effect.
If you want a certain non-vanilla entity to be able to pull the cart, add it to the list of entities in the mod settings. This is cart specific and you will have to find out the id of the entity to add it to the list. Adding minecraft:player will allow you to pull a cart without riding.

Carts and cart specific controls:


This cart is the oldest of this mod. It comes with a double chest inventory and has room for a friend of yours to sit comfortably on its back. Good luck on the adventures you shall overcome together


The carts inventory can be accessed by sneaking while right clicking it. If you right click it without sneaking, you will start riding the cart instead.


The plow is a useful cart and has been slightly repurposed in v0.1.2.0. Not only can you put hoes in its inventory slots to till up to 3 blocks at once, but also shovels to turn dirt into a path for connecting interesting places within your world.


The plowing mode can be toggled by right clicking it. Just like the cart, it’s inventory can be accessed by sneaking while right clicking it.

Transportation Cart:

This cart is a boat on wheels. Use it to allow both your human and non-human friends to travel alongside you without sweating.


You can push entities into the cart to take them along with you and release them by right clicking the cart while sneaking. Right click it while not sneaking and you will start riding the cart yourself.

How to install AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod:

Assure that you have already installed Minecraft Forge
Define the location of the Minecraft application folder.
On the windows, open Run from the Start Menu, write %appdata% and click to Run
Open Mac on the finder, press and hold Alt and click to Library on the peak of the Menu Bar. Open the Application Support directory and look for Minecraft.
Put AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod 1.15.2/1.12.2/1.7.10 you have already downloaded (.jar) into Mods directory.
When you start using Minecraft, open the mod button, you will realize that AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod has been set up.

AstikorCarts [Horse Carts] Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.16.5
For Minecraft: 1.16.4
For Minecraft: 1.16.3
For Minecraft: 1.15.2
For Minecraft: 1.14.4
For Minecraft: 1.12.2
For Minecraft: 1.11.2
For Minecraft: 1.7.10