Tree Growing Simulator (Forge)

Tree Growing Simulator (Forge) helps your saplings grow in a better way. They can increase their growth quickly now.

This is a Miscellaneous mod that was written based on the request of Wyld. This is a person that wanted to make the early Skyblock gaming experience more amazing.

The purpose of the mod is to make your saplings increase their growth in a better way. You simply run and dance around them to make them grow better. Or, you can sprint and crouch near the saplings. This also makes them grow better.

Here is how the mod functions:

  • It is able to sense sprinting and crouching around the saplings.
  • You can make changes to the sensitivity using an option in the config file.
  • Besides, the mod also displays bonemeal particles every time the growth speeds up. You can also turn this off in the config file.

You can add Tree Growing Simulator to SkyFactory – a skyblock pack made by Bacon Donut.


  • Minecraft Forge