Privacy Policy

Do we use cookies?

No, we do not.

Visitor Stats

We use two different webs to analytics the service so that our website will always be improved and optimized.

Those services all try to track the users’ behaviour, care, hobbies and habits. If you want to know more any further details, please visit the privacy policies of Google as following: Google Analytics – Privacy Policy

Ad Network

The third-party is who we are cooperating to serve the ads on the sites you are going to visit. That kind of companies may use some information of the users that they usually search on this web or the others to provide some advertisements about the goods or services that may match with your actions, thoughts and feeling. That information is not including your personal information such as names, email address, home address or phone number. If you like to read more information about that action or whether you can choose to avoid them from noticing that, please access the following link: Google Analytics – Privacy Policy

Especially Google Adsense

  • Google is the third party who will show the advertisements on the website by using the cookies.
  • That company will enable the DART cookie so that they can show the advertisement on our website through the users did not search those goods or services on our websites.
  • The users may read for more information about the DART cookie by visiting the following link: Google ad and content network privacy policy

Do we disclose any information to other parties?

We do not sell, exchange or transfer your personal information. This point may be changed if there are trusted parties who guarantee to keep secret your personal data and take that to support us with our business, or services to develop both of us. In some necessary cases like enforcing the policies of the sites, comply with the law, secure ours or the other rights, the safety or the property. Nevertheless, there is nothing personal that we are going to release for the purpose of marketing, advertising or any other purposes besides that.

Contacting us

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