Terms of Service

  1. Acceptance of Term of Use and the amendments

Every time you access and visit this website, you accept all the bound from the Term of Use which will be amended, edited and added without sending any notice or notifications to you. Besides, you will become the subjects of all the rules and guidelines according to the service when you use each typical service on our website. They also will not be corporated to all the articles of the Term of Use.

  1. The responsibilities of the users

Once you access this website, it means that you agree with all the articles of the Terms of Use which we may modify them all in the future and be available there.

  1. Our Software

Our software belongs to the cubeworldgame.com copyrighted and the property of that website. We created this software for the helpful aim. We will not take any responsibilities if the users use our useful software for the wrong and illegal purposes, but the users have to take that. All the software is free so if you see any selling action or event on the Internet, through online or offline, this is definitely not us. Furthermore, while downloading the software from our website, if there is any matter occurs, the users have to take those risks and be responsible to solve them all.

  1. The reservation of the Rights

With this Term of Use, we, the owner of this website, reserve all the rights, including to all the trade secrets, trademarks, patents, copyrights and other similar rights that we may add to this website like the services, the goods and the contents. This use of rights and property ask our prior to being written consent. We will not make any available services, either give to the users any implied or show the rights or licenses with no written consent.

  1. The applicable Law

You agree with this article from the Term of Use that the local laws will be the one who governs all the dispute airing out from your uses of our websites, our products or services. Besides, the local laws also construe where the headquarters of this website’s owner is located in the place with no regard of the conflict of provisions of law. You will consent and submit the venue and exclusive jurisdiction after registering to this website in your city or country, the same place with where the headquarters of this websites are located.

  1. The Miscellaneous Information
  • If the Term of Use contradicts with any law, the provisions can hold valid by a court. Such provision will interpret to make the original intentions to be reflected with the applicable law. Consequence, the Term of Uses will remain intact and valid.
  • If there is any side that does not confirm with an article of this Term of Uses, it does not mean that he or she does not agree with that, so that the right of the term will still have remained.
  • The users agree that you have nothing to do with any statue or the opposite law which claimed or caused arising this website. Besides, you have to fil in 30 days (one month) after that claim or cause arose. If you don’t follow those steps, the claim will be barred forever.
  • We have the rights to assign the rights and obligations to the other side. Once we do so,  all the further obligation will be eliminated.
  1. The Other Organizations

After reading all the above articles and agree with it, you can continue to follow our site. If you don’t agree with any of those, thank you for reading and we have to say goodbye to you from now.

You don’t have the plan to visit this website to take the materials, information, snapshots or codes of the sources without permission to use against other webs such as Site Operator, Host, Webmaster or any other private manner.

  1. The Contact

If you have any further question or claims about any article in the Term of Service, please feel free to contact us.